A new twist on the IDEO shopping cart design task

Via core77.com’s design blog, “Purdue Students Spend Chilly Night Outside“:

“As part of a class assignment at Purdue, Steve Visser (a professor of Industrial Design) had one of his classes design a shopping cart that doubled as a homeless shelter. The class tested their design’s effectiveness by traveling from the Memorial Mall to the pedestrian bridge and back, to spend the night in the outdoors Friday.”

One of the videos shown at Antioch, to demonstrate design, is an old Nightline where they visit with IDEO in San Francisco to design a new shopping cart. This new project is an interesting re-visit to that.

Here’s a link to the article, but I don’t see a lot of images, even the “see additional” appears to offer nothing. That’s too bad. I’d love to have seen some of the designs, and designs in use.

After all, why should buildings be the only multi-use objects in our urban landscape? The notion of intense multi-use urban landscapes reminds me of the design goals for Soleri’s Arcosanti.