The notorious G.I.B.

Via Boing Boing, “Lovingly scanned and OCR’d copy of The Scientific American Boy“:

“Project Gutenberg is offering a complete 345-page scan of The Scientific American Boy, published in 1907. The book tells the fictional story of a group of adventurous and infinitely resourceful lads who embark on a campaign to explore ‘Willow Clump Island,’ a fantastic juvenile Eden that provides the boys with ample opportunities to test their boat-, tent-, surveying instrument-, bridge-, hut-, cabin-, ladder-, tree house-, heliograph-, water wheel-, windmill-, megaphone-, and combination lock-building skills.”

This caught my eye because I’ve developed an interest in the Seton’s Woodcraft work that was part of the development of the Boy Scouts, but centered on the notion of tribe instead of a military unit. I cannot help but wonder how there may have been an influence here from Seton’s Two Little Savages.