Another take on the tiered e-mail proposal; more on the post office

Via Catallarchy, “Fighting the AOL/Yahoo email “tax”“:

“I should point out that Hotmail has done exactly what AOL and Yahoo are proposing from the very beginning, in the form of their ‘WebCourier’ program, and in fact WebCourier was always a major part of Hotmail’s business plan.”

Interesting reminder that tiers for e-mail delivery isn’t new.

Apparently, the post office is an important example for people arguing against the government:

The difference is that I’m force to be a customer of the USPS, but I have a choice about whether to do business with Yahoo and AOL. Cory, help me get the post office shut down!

Positive liberty brought up the post office in a response to a posting of mine, and I did not realize that was a code word. Apparently there’s a whole raft of argument and meaning behind a mention of the post office as a government monopoly.

There’s even another posting about the e=mail service notion here here