Little messages

Erica and I were ing a grocery this morning and I noticed there’s a whole new kind of bandage, the foamy gel ones, that I hadn’t noticed before. Then, Erica showed me another new product that she noticed.

There is a brand of tampon called Ditties which have printed on the wrappers inspirational messages. Fortune cookies for your bootie, so to speak. An example on the box was, “Don’t just change your tampon. Change the world.”

With your Ditties in one … hand and a Venus razor, to unleash the goddess in you, in the other … Zowie! Look out world!

On a serious note, this reminds me of the premise in What The Bleep Do We Know?! that the things we think about ourselves are not just mental constructs, but change our actual chemical and physical beings. So, you know, it’s funny, but it’s also serious too.

Now, back to the lighter side, I expect the next new product to be individually packaged doses of Viagra to have “uplifting” messages printed on them, like “Keep up the good work!” and “Score one for the team!”