And, so it begins …

Terrorist Squirrel Causes Chaos in Colorado – Wonkette

I can’t quite understand why so much attention is being paid to the Democratic takeover. It’s the squirrels, I tell you! The squirrels are not what they seem.

This could be the sign they have finally decided to take control away from us and consign the human race to the trash bin of evolutionary history. Have the squirrels, and evil octopus overlords, finally decided to act? All this talk of corruption, but not enough attention has been given to the conspiracy, the evil alliance of squirrel, goat and, the alien intelligence behind it all, octopus!

It was only a matter of time.

And, now there’s new crimes revealed. Squirrels have been killing off song birds in the UK for years, and only now does it come to light? Where’s the oversight? Why have people failed to keep an eye on this kind of rampant corruption of all that is right and beautiful?