Who knew?

Via Think Progress » Bush on what he learned from Tuesday’s elections, President Bush has learned now, suddenly, that the people want ethical behaviour in DC.

Who knew? Someone should have said something earlier. You know, clued him in on that. If only it had been stated clearly to him before now. I mean, that oath of office is as inscrutable as a latin mass, to be sure. Whoops, our bad.

But, you know, apparently he wasn’t the only one to miss that memo, after all. I mean, who else in his inner circle could have helped on that? Not Cheney or Rove, for cricket’s sake. Well, maybe Gates will help out on that going forward?

Here’s a thought: now that Rumsfeld is out, maybe Kissinger can help clean house? I can just hear that hauntingly familiar deep gravel-pit voice coming in over the Team-only channel, “I’m in ur whitehouse killin ur d00dz!” Oh, the carnage is too horrible to watch more than once!

(Whoa! Too far! Too far!)