More paper craft: Roman Seas

At the end of Oct, I got an e-mail from the creator of Whitewash City, the paper craft set of buildings available in PDF format for printing and building. I posted about that in relation to gaming in the universe of Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Serenity.

Apparently, they were doing some search for sites that had mentioned Whitewash City because they rand across my previous posts in the archives of the category. And, just who is “they” anyway? It’s Eric Hotz the designer and either some unnamed cohort or else it’s an organizational, royal we.

Anyhow, Hotz says:

Thought I would also point out that we now product Roman Seas, which is, ancient Roman naval models. We produce over 20 different ships with more on the way, including an entire city, all in 1/300th scale. This took us over 3 years to design. We are also working on a set of game rules (also called, Roman Seas) which should be ready to purchase within the next month or so.

So, you may want to check out the Roman Seas pages, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I was browsing around the site, and stumbled on the news page where there are posted links to gallery images and even a video of gameplay from Enfilade 2006, a convention of the Northwest Historical Miniture Gaming Society that was held right here in Olympia. And, no one invited me to come play. Obviously someone knew that was going on, but clearly I didn’t. That would have been fun to attend, I think, in a geeky kind of way. Well, there’s plenty of time to plan ahead for Enfilade 2007 which will be in Olympia again next May.

Yeah, I know, I just became a tool of advertizing. The least I could have gotten out of it was some freebies in exchange for my soul. But, no. All I got for a slice of my soul was an e-mail. I feel so dirty.

But, you know for all the work they’ve done, I just think I’ll have to wait until the greek fire expansion set is available.