Rising consciousness of class “struggle”

Just read a very interesting article, Daily Kos: Oops! They Forgot the Bread!:

It seems on any news day, you can find three similar accounts, all pointing in the same direction: No one in the current establishment gives a shit where taxpayer money is going and whether it’s wisely spent. No one in power appears to feel even the need to pose about fiscal responsibility anymore, which is a scary development. At least pretending to care indicates a willingness to play by the old rules of acting as if the empowered answer to the unempowered.

Check out the comments section as well, if you’re interested. It’s interesting that there’s suddenly so much public talk about class. It seems to me this is a recent development in public discourse. There’s been places where the topic of class has been part of conversation, and I’ve thought for a long time that classlessness was a lie someone keeps telling themsevles, hoping that it might turn out to be true, because they were once told it by someone that wanted them to dream they were or even could be in a class they were not.

Anyhow, it’s depressing that it is, but maybe if the denials stop there’s a chance to change things for the better again.