Why do the bastards hate Animal Farm so much?

Greed, individualism, power, empire, fear … at least Cheney is consistent, but why does he hate democracy so much? He seems to even hate the republic.

I mean, I get that somewhere a whole lot of people got some wires crossed and can’t separate in their heads the idea of community from the fear of a constructed strawman “communism,” and the pathological monomania makes a kind of insane sense. But, when I was a kid and the schools kept showing the animated “Animal Farm” I didn’t get the message that community was bad. I got the message that the selfish, evil bastards can ruin community for the rest of the animals.

Is this a litmus test? Are all, and only, evil bastards drawn like flies to the concentration of power? Perhaps we can develop honeypot traps, small islands where the rich and powerful can be drawn to micronations (or see the wikipedia entry) of their own, and kept in isolation like lions at the zoo? A place where they are safe, but kept away from anyone else they might hurt. At some point, they are removed from the society to which they cannot seem to adjust.

Well, at least the prison-industrial complex will have job security taking care of all the rich and powerful so that neither are dangers to society anymore. Perhaps they deserve each other. The difference between “walled community” and “prison” is not so great after all, and we can let marketing take care of perception.

I wonder if the rich and powerful can be rehabilitated? Or, if push comes to shove, we can just use them as soylent green and be done with it.