Disaster ensues when first world nations introduce democracy …

Apparently this is not just what happens in Iraq: when first world nations attempt to introduce democracy and self-rule, things get a bit crazy … with civil war sure to follow, if the pattern holds.

In The Sun Online – News: Is this end of United Kingdom?, there’s a discussion of a rise in “nationalism” (really? not regionalism or something? balkanization, perhaps? Oh, I’ve got it: sectarian!) in the UK, which could lead to 4 independent nation states. The article is a bit tongue in cheek, but it’s interesting to think about:

It [a survey] showed that more than half of Scots and three out of five English folk want the two countries to go it alone. And thousands more want breakaway governments for Wales and Northern Ireland, too.

Next, perhaps, we’ll be hearing cries of “Remember the Alamo!” and secession from the Red States? Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist to the end of empire?

Oh, hey! Not so fast we forget the “sectarian” movements on this North American continent, because the “sectarian” Quebecois are on the move again. Only, I’ve always thought it a bit disingenuous for the the Quebecois to fight for their independence while oppressing the Mohawk people and not recognizing the validity of that other independent nation.

Is it time for Ecotopia to declare borders yet?