The news today, oh, boy.

“America is not more sane now than it was a month ago.”

“An average of 100 suicide interventions are conducted in the Army each day.”

A “monomania in which monopoly rights, in the form of intellectual property, displace all else from our thinking on the subject.” [via]

Beatles music to start entering UK public domain in 2012?” Better hurry with that iPod. Only this time, don’t release it on April 1st.

“There is now significant concern that the holiday retail season is going to underperform.”

“Dick Cheney may be the next to leave the administration.”

Fairness over efficiency, please: What We Learn When We Learn Economics — In These Times. Unless fairness mediates efficiency, the embedded preference in efficiency for the power of privilege cannot be addressed, is externalized. Blind and remorseless efficiency cannot be left “beating out the coded rhythms of privilege.” One must ask, when efficiency is advocated, who benefits from ignoring that function of power other than the powerful? Without radical analysis, efficiency is a tool of status quo systems of oppression, domination and control.