“One for every year he’s away”, she said

“Also one can’t help but compare the turbulence RFK tried to heal with our lives today.”

“… the girl behind the counter has a tattooed tear:“One for every year he’s away”, she said. Such a crumbling beauty, ah.”

“You may not have heard about this from the US media.”

“Yes airline security is important, but all this paranoia, and rote following of draconian procedures means no flexibility, no common sense, and second chances.” [via]

Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” [via 1984]

“If I had to guess, I’d say the potato came apart around the time it hit the speed of sound.”

TV voice: Behold the power of … hegemony.

Wow, I don’t know what to say: “You must purchase a Starter Kit and become a Certified Disciple’s Crossâ„¢ Producer and be input into our system BEFORE you are allowed to begin making our patented and copyrighted jewelry design or any variation thereof. Instructional DVD’s and Videotapes are not allowed to be passed on to non-certified producers.” “There are six billion people in the world and I’d like to see them all wearing a Disciple’s Crossâ„¢.” “How was your experience on the hit television show Survivor Thailand? … I was especially thrilled to be able to speak to some of the most powerful producers and executives in Hollywood about my faith in Jesus Christ and the moral standards of the Bible. God knows they need to hear it.”

“Men like Mr. Gingrich aren’t simply afraid of terrorists, they’re afraid of you.”