“Let that be your last battlefield.”

“of course, if you were dumb enough to pull an alarm during a fire, you were horribly trapped alive in the flames until you succumbed to immolation or asphyxiation” — This is brilliant. Mechanical DRM.

“Because it’s light weight and it helps detect wires when they’re going through a doorway without setting off the explosive ordinance.” I predict using silly string to detect wires will be shown in some movie or television show before the end of next year. This is one of those things that becomes a script virus.

For the hunter that has everything … except, maybe, bullets. Or, the urban hunter that has everything … except big game. Via Boing Boing, carved wooden trophy heads. You know, I think I’m still more creeped out by those cast resin torsos with neither heads nor arms. How creepy is that? Why would anyone want to fill their house with decaptiated bodies and chopped off heads? Damned creepy. You know, the word “torso” comes from the Italian for “bloody stump.”