Stranger than fiction … or, maybe just strange fiction.

Via Fark, an funny uncyclopedia article, “List of weapons that don’t exist, but should,” and one wikipedia article on the strange “Rat King.”

Now, wouldn’t that be a fine way to celebrate in the New Year? Is the new leak of a memo the sign “ … an administration mutiny is in the offing“? Or, maybe, someone was making noise while hoping to renegotiate their silence for more bling.

Note to Batman: Beware of Bane. [see also]

We may end up with another generation of citizens damaged by an unpopular war. “When the Iraq “redeployment” comes, what kind of men are coming home?” I think the same point can be made of the 109th Congress: “…Once you’re used to living in a lawless world, the transition back to civilization will be stressful at best…” [via Crooks and Liars]

The 109th is “tired” and will focus on only the most important things, like running out the clock. It must be hard doing nothing but making a mess for someone else to clean up.

A new perspective on Pong, Vector Ball: 3dimensional brain exercise. This would make an interesting and simple networked game, if two players could connect. Reminds me a little of the bouncing ball demo that was built for the BeOS back in the day … Where are all the simple, fun network toys? [via Fark]

Wasn’t this an episode of Star Trek (The Original Series)? the declaration of independence is a holy book of the Yangs? [see also] [via Huffington]

Wasn’t this an episode of Buck Rogers: “a floating town the length of four football pitches and capable of carrying 6,000 passengers”? [Or, maybe it was in space? see also] [via Huffington]

Rewarding 20 years on the job … with a “special polo shirt“? I can feel a warm feeling all the way over here, only … it’s kind of a burning sensation in my stomach. [via Huffington]