“I won’t be hounded by you and your soulless minions of orthodoxy”

“ISG’s proposals are studiously designed to isolate Bush, to highlight and tweak his mental illness.”

“In the course of his six years in the presidency, George W. Bush’s “administration” has forced us to confront questions about the basic nature of our constitutional government that most of us thought were well-settled, and not in favor of the position Bush has been taking on them.”

Last night, one of the best Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episodes, “In the cards,” had us in stitches:

“I haven’t done anything wrong, and I won’t be hounded by you and your soulless minions of orthodoxy. I haven’t broken any laws … except perhaps the laws of nature … so stay away from me.” [ via ]

“A Romanian priest has decreed that women will have to pay a ‘white dress fine’ if they are not virgins when they walk up the aisle to get married.” [ via ] First, who exactly is checking to see if these women are virgins, or not? Second, if it’s the priest checking, isn’t that … um … against the rules of being a priest, or is this one of those religions? Third, if it’s not the priest, isn’t that a form of church sponsored sex? Fourth, who keeps an eye on the people checking, and, again, who keeps an eye on the people keeping an eye on? Finally, but not least, if a woman is “checked” for virginity … wouldn’t that, you know, technically require something invasive that would de-virginizing her, and thus actually result in more non-virgins getting married? Moreover, isn’t this just another case of religion trying to usurp the traditional rights of secular rulers?

No, see, it’s all about reduce, reuse & recycle. When you’re done with your cup o’ joe you can fill it back up with the urinal attachment. Either that or this is some snide commentary on the quality of Starbucks coffee …