“I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

Huh. Apparently, it really wasn’t about the oil: “Robin Hayes says we will win in Iraq by ‘spreading the message of Jesus Christ’ there. | BlueNC” [ via ] Oh, I see. It was about anointing oil. Someone is smokin’ something. [ see also ]

So, I’ve been called out via e-mail for “teh logic” in a previous post. Apparently, when I said, “You know, every chicken egg scrambled kills a baby chick dead,” it appears that I don’t realize that commerical eggs in stores aren’t, except in rare cases, fertilized. Well, yes, sort of. See that scrambled egg had the potential to be a baby chicken … and that’s a baby chicken that won’t be born, so it’s dead. And, if that baby chicken is dead, someone killed it. I think the people that eat eggs should think about that! It’s all about “teh logic” see? (Of course, at least those people eating eggs aren’t out carving pumpkins while they murder baby chickens.) Yeah, the thing about humor is that if it requires an explanation … not so much with the funny. I’ll try to do better next time.

“Maybe she ran out of pineapple and forgot to get more at the store. Or maybe her undershirt itches. Or maybe her gerbil is sick.”

A nice little summary of the war against Saturnalia via Daily Kos: The Christians Who Stole Christmas Redux.