Livin’ at a loggin’ camp, dreamin’ of owls with dynamite

I don’t know about you, but where I am, there’s been the sound of chainsaws all day for pretty much the entire week, and even today on Saturday there’s no respite. Sure, it’s all about recovering from the crazy wind storm that blew in and killed the power here for several days, but it’s feeling like I’m living at a logging camp.

It’s a little bit like torture. I had a dream last night that I woke up to find that all the trees, as far as my eye could see, had been “cut down for public safety.” And, every time one of those chainsaws revs up, I have this fantasy about spotted owls swooping in with dynamite to save the forests.

Come to think about it, I can’t get the image of the animal rights terrorists out of my head. See, this image makes the clear connection between the activists as terrorists and the fear of a living planet to which the activists are allied. The meaning of this image is that if spotted owls could carry dynamite, the gun-tottin’ environment-rapin’ people in the world would be in serious trouble. Not only are the activists the enemy, but the entire environment is the enemy.

This is interesting to me because of all the folklore and myth about dangerous nature across cultures, but especially in the human versus nature story embedded in western culture. The myth is that the scary natural world is out to get humans, and humans have to fight back for their lives. The wild forest as a place of serious danger, and of magic, is a place to be feared. This is that place past the borderland, where the old woman of the forest, the Baba Yaga, lives.

So, apparently animal rights and environmental terrorists are the new druids, allied with the natural world and fighting along side the animals. The more I think about that image, of the animal rights terrorists marching with the animals, the more I love it.

Anyhow, over at Daily Kos, Wonkette is being called out for that post. But, you know, this is a post-modern world … so what if it’s not real? I’m sure I’ve seen the evil TV image before somewhere, but where?

And, in a way, apparently, Nature really is rising up. [ via ]