May you live in interesting times

A little known constitutional procedure that has lain dormant for decades, never before used against a president, and pitting the duly elected and sworn legislature of a state against a federal Congress sitting on its hands and refusing to act! What drama! What passion!” [via, et]

“The conservatives have a religious idea of “the markets” and of “competition”. These gods can do no wrong and always work to help the consumers. Where did they get this religion?

“That the scores if not hundreds of officially respectable members of the establishment didn’t reveal these horrible and entirely relevant facts over those three decades should stand as a hands down case that they are the putrid, artificial flowers of a corrupt system.”

“That‘s the scenario I fear, an extra-constitutional war is what I‘m worried about.”

Engineering mad cow resistant cow brains [via] and zombie, happy to die pigs [via] … Oh my, another day I’m happy to be vegetarian! And, hasn’t the bit with the happy to die animal been done before?