Also, there’s storytelling to discover at the Spar

I remembered something that I didn’t mention in my previous comment about the new old Spar. That is that there are a line of murals opposite the counter. Apparently these mural pictures are each based on stories that the McMenamins crew was told about the history of the Spar. So, there’s a story to be discovered in each of the pitcures. For anyone with a soft spot for local history, that is a pretty nice touch.

And while I’m at things I didn’t mention, the pictures of old Olympia in the history sheet being offered at the Spar are credited as courtesy of Mr. Echtle whom I recognize as the current Director of the local Olympia Bigelow House Museum.

The Spar has curtained booths along the lavatory walk past the pool tables. You know, so you can go and, while having food and drinks, use the wireless internet in privacy and conduct your affairs, so to speak. A semi-private place to swap local stories or to start some new ones. It’s all so very speakeasy, don’t you know.