The blue plate special

Geeky cool collection of number trivia can be found at: “What’s Special About This Number?” [via] And, here I was always proud of my favourite numbers being 2 and 9, the smallest even whole number and the largest odd. Well, fine then, at least I still have “Etaoin Shrdlu” for a favourite word to feel self-important about. (And, if necessary, I can always fall back on the way I spell “favourite” as a last resort.)

“The golden eyeball is engraved with lines coming out of a central circle like rays of light.” [via]

“Given that astronomical objects, stars, constellations, etc., have a major importance in much of Amazonian mythology and cosmology, it does not in any way surprise me that such an observatory exists.” [via]

“We have a woodcut of an easily carved stone with a distinctive shape being cut in two at Stonehenge, and we have accounts of a curious altar stone as described by Inigo Jones being transported to somewhere called St James. We have drawn a blank at the Palace of St James, but when we look at the nearby village of Berwick St James, we find two standing stones that once formed two bridges across a stream, and if we mentally reunite the parts, they bear an uncanny resemblance to the stone in the woodcut.” [via]

“What is it … what is it really.” [via]

“Whether or not we have noticed our overlaps and our commonalities, society certainly hasn’t failed to lump us all together.” [via]