There is a singularity at the heart of every blackhole

“Later, Helfer reminded the audience that she once dated Firefly’s Nathan Fillion, which was no doubt a simultaneously gratifying and painful revelation for the fanboys in attendance.” [also] It’s a Cylon lie! They mess with your mind! Hey, but, maybe Nathan is one of the final five? Then, they need to get Mark Hamill to do a role … and then Galactica will finally reach critical mass and spontaneously collapse into a blackhole of Sci Fi self-reference!

“Do you believe in the right to demand a raise? Health care coverage? A pension? Do you believe workers should have a voice in their workplaces? The fate of the Employee Free Choice Act depends on your work. Help score an important victory for worker’s rights and for rebuilding America’s middle class. In Solidarity, Governor Howard Dean, M.D.” [et, et, et, et] And, you know, as long as we’re, as Dean says, “in solidarity” then you might also gander at the IWW too.