The Illuminasty Trio 3/22 at the Art House, Olympia

You should go check this out. It will be a great show. I was introduced to Skerik back when he joined Sadhappy, and subsequently saw him in Critters Buggin’ as well as playing with many others like Les Claypool and Medeski, Martin & Wood and Wayne Horvitz, to name a few.

I tried to find a graphic for the show, because the poster includes J R “Bob” Dobbs, or a link to a page of information about the group … but all I find are listings for the shows. The poster caught my eye, and until I checked it out I thought there was some SubGenius Devival going on in town …

Anyhow, this is at the Art House, which I’ve not been to before. It only costs $10. It could be crazy, but it also could be fantastic. You should go to this show.