Jeepers peepers

So, it’s after Easter and all, so it’s late for the Peeps. But, my partner likes stale Peeps, so maybe this is ripe still.

Knowing that I have a minor addiction (I could quit any time, really.) to the slaughter of Peeps for microvwave s’mores, my friend Robin sent me a link a video of Peep mayhem:

I was reminded of this video by a post on about a Peep diaorama contest at the Washington Post.

Peeps are so funny, especially when they burst open explosively. Hell, the only thing better than Peeps would be if they made Hello Kitty Peeps. I suppose I’ll just have to settle with eating Peeps while another kind of microwavable Hello Kitty explodes … for now. I mean, really, Hello Kitty Peeps seems like a no-brainer. And, super fun to butcher into Peeps-s’mores …