What if Evergreen had a law school?

Reading an article in the The Boston Globe about the effect and impact of Pat Robertson’s law school, I find myself wishing that Evergreen had a law school.

I imagine it would be like Northeastern. I think it would really compliment the other graduate programs at Evergreen. Of course, more importantly, it might also help advance Evergreen’s reputation and have a greater impact in the world beyond campus also.

Doesn’t Seattle U have a connection to UPS in Tacoma? (No, actually Seattle U took over the law school from UPS in 1994.) The Seattle U program appears to be pretty socially responsible, and even has externships similar to Northeastern’s model. Other than that, are there any south sound law schools?

I find myself wishing that Evergreen had a Ph.D. program, probably something highly interdisciplinary like TUI. Of course, it’s not really good to get everything from the same school, but Evergreen, for all my complaints about it, was an amazing place.