Earth Day 2007

“Today is Earth Day, and I personally believe every day should be Earth Day …”

“So here are some proposals for you on Earth Day, proposals that in this country are likely to be considered as radical as any of the social issues that divide us left and right.”

“Despite all the whining, gasoline is as cheap now as it has ever been, on an inflation-adjusted basis. It is the cheapest fluid you can buy at a gasoline station. Water is three bucks a litre, fer cryin’ out loud.”

“The biggest problem with Earth Day is that it has become a ritual of sympathy for the idea of environmental sanity. Small steps … are essentially meaningless without larger, systemic action as well.”

In light of the above, please also consider: Iron Eyes Cody and Playing Indian. Because, things are never quite as simple as they were when we were kids.

“The theta/ecology symbol was made by Ron Cobb (a cartoonist) and published for the first time on 25 October 1969. The symbol is a combination of the letters e and o, from the words environment and organism.”