This is not the golden age for which I was nostalgic

“W and his gang of merry cutthroats have, for six years, honored conservative principles only in the breach, the ignoring, the flouting, and the rhetorical invocation for purposes of political gain (and financial killings) via the exercise of highest hypocrisy.”

“In the new book burning we don’t burn books, we burn discussion of them instead.”

“HRH Laura Bush makes another ‘let them eat cake’ statement. She and King George are suffering more than the American people over Iraq.”

“It’s not even the kind of stupid that we all secretly wish upon Republican politicians, just to make our own liberal advocacy easier, it’s the kind of stupid that’s sad and creepy and alarming to watch, a kind of stupid that reeks of something deeply wrong with the person that says it.”

This Hall of Shame is no accident and these are not isolated incidences. It’s a pattern of political appointees who put partisan interests ahead of country – and were told to do so.” [via]