Reading the word capsicum on growabrain, I was reminded of my favourite drink in the 90’s which I used to buy at Scarecrow Video in Seattle, but that was discontinued.

Brainalizer soda contained capsicum, and was so very, very good.

When I found it had been cancelled and they ran out at Scarecrow, I remember doing a search for contact info and then calling the company that makes the soda, Skeleteen, you know back when it was still just geeks on the Internet and AltaVista was the search engine of choice. When the receptionist answered the phone, “Holy Shit Sodas,” my brain seized up for a second and then we both started to laugh. The woman on the other side of the line mentioned that happened a lot. Apparently they had two names, presumably one for the straits and one for the freaks.

Well, being reminded of this, I did a search on “brainalizer” and found out that this soda is available again! Holy shit!

Sodaking Brainalizer

I really dig the one star review on the product page: “This was a rancid. I hated it. Herbal piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!” Man, I need some of this stuff in my fridge again!

I mean, dude, it’s a soda with dill weed in it. I vaguely remember that the first couple times I had this my face seized up, but it was so good! How can you not want to try it?