Stand and deliver your money or your life

“And one fine day, sorry night, (April 23 to be precise) the magazine’s editorial system crashed, nullifying the work done for the June issue. The backup server failed to back up. Luckily for them copy-edited text of the lost issue has been mailed to the lawyers to get legal clearance. The page layouts had to be totally redone from scratch. Business 2.0 never had to rely on their backup software until that day, which is why they probably did not realize that it was either obsolete or dysfunctional.” [via]

They asked him for a price, which he offered up as $49,000 plus part of the $10,000 fee paid to MySpace for the Impact Channel. Obama balked at the price, and decided to start afresh rather than pay the money. The fight broke out into the open when Anthony posted a response on his blog to rumors that the campaign was spreading regarding him wanting to cash out.” [also]