Anarchy and Anomy

“Gentlemen, I call upon you to render this service here that you have been summoned to perform with the same spirit of patriotism, courage and devotion to duty as was exhibited by our soldier boys across the seas.”

If you remain silent, we will not out you as someone who was forced to resign.”

“Stevens and Kennedy wrote that the Court’s tradition of not deciding constitutional questions except when necessary, and the petitioners’ obligation to exhaust available remedies, made it “appropriate” not to review the case at that time.”

“You’ll get your gas line, the governor gets his bill, and I’ll get my job in Barbados.”

“… Rove’s attendance at the meeting shows that the president’s chief political advisor may have been involved in an attempt to mislead Congress …”

“I’ve covered riots. I’ve covered chaos. I was never hit or struck or humiliated the way the LAPD violated me yesterday.”