Necromancy and the nightly news

I happened to be watching the local news while on a trip to Portland, and there was a fearmongering story about the “Zombie Hackers” that take over people’s computers. Almost all of the footage of actual computers showed Apple machines, like an old tangerine iMac and Powerbooks … not, you know, the actual machines that are the problem, namely anything with an operating system from Microsoft on it.

But, it looks like the cover up has begun. When I went to go search out the story in Google using the terms “zombie hackers portland nbc” the first link is to a “Special report: Zombie hackers” posted at 10pm on May 2nd, but the very next day the story is posted in a modified form as “Criminals use “Bots” to hijack PC’s” which removes references to the Zombie Hackers.

Now, what I want to know is why the Powers That Be don’t want us to know about the evil undead Hackers out there? And, moreover, if the hackers are zombies, then I want to have someone thinking to ask who the necromancers are that are raising up these undead with computer skillz.

Instead of covering up this horror, we should all be on alert for the necromancers behind it all!