If wishes were horses

“I don’t know if this is already obvious information, but the name “Unicorn Chaser” is also appropriate for an airline called “Virgin” because of traditional medieval beliefs about unicorns–that they could only be caught or tamed by a virgin.”

“‘Spintronics’ research hopes to usher in a new age of computer speed and performance by measuring and even controlling the angular momentum displayed by all electrons, and using this information to encode data.” – But, be careful when you format your spintronic-based drive or it might just ‘centrip’ out the window …

“Then he spelled out the words the letters stood for: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. Gunn’s last words to the lawyers before he adjourned the morning session were ‘Remember this: vuca is where history happens.'”

“Another way to say this is that outlook shapes outcome. Being happy is the most effective thing you can DO to be happy.”