Young Frankenstein in Seattle

I was listening to KAOS this morning getting ready to head over to Super Saturday, and heard that today is Gene Wilder‘s birthday. Not only that, but apparently Young Frankenstein is going to be on stage in Seattle starting in August.

So, I ran, did not walk, over to search for more information. Okay, yes, it’s true! But get this: tickets for this show range from $99 for the mezzanine up to $295 each seat.

What the hell?

That’s not theatre. That’s solicitation.

Update 25jul07 @ 4:43pm:

Got an e-mail today letting me know that the exorbitant ticket prices I saw are due to having found the tickets on an unofficial source, which appears to be scalpers of some kind. The official theatre web page for the show shows the real ticket prices as $25 – $100. Of course, going through any ticket service other than the box office will result in additional cost.

Like how Ticketmaster’s fees, including an extra charge to hold my tickets at will-call, resulted in paying what amounted to another entire ticket price when I went to see Harry and The Potters in Portland a few weeks ago … I got two tickets for myself and an extra ticket for the corporate monkey.

I hope the corporate monkey enjoyed the show.