Seek the things beyond mortality

Today, many of us still dream of living in the Utopian world Gene envisioned, where we play in holodecks, beam ourselves to work, and embrace the crazy notion that race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation are differences to be celebrated and learned from, not feared and destroyed.” [via]

“Lead your life with a gentle hand and be ready to depart whenever you are called.” [via]

“To support a war that you know is going to be executed in a destructive manner is as morally monstrous as it gets.” [via]

“From space, the aurora is a crown of light that circles each of Earth’s poles.” [via, ]

“Today, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is so familiar, so encrusted with myth, that we can barely hear it.” [via]

“But the hardest part is yet to come. It’s the real test that is about to start …” [via]

“Had I but known this was the fated course of my country, I might not have found the strength to liberate Her from the mantle of King George.” [via]

“If he is your friend, he can be a staunch and valuable ally. If he should happen to be your enemy — look out!” [via]

“Are we not instead becoming slaves to the very ‘conveniences’ that we struggle to master?”


“This is to be a mortal
And seek the things beyond mortality.” [also]