My exemplar summative self-evaluation

Check this out. The summative self-evaluation I wrote for my final quarter at Evergreen was used as the only example of how to write one in a syllabus for a TESC class, “Integrating Seminar,” at Gray’s Harbor:

Humanities 105. Integrating Seminar: Writing and ePortfolio Development, a.m. session. Winter Quarter, 2007.

There’s also a link to my website as a whole as one of several that students are to have checked out before their first writing assignment.

Huh. Cool.

Probably the instructor found this by using an internet search, but that’s maybe even cooler than one of my pages being used as an example of an untrustworthy source on the internet by the library of Lyndon State College Vermont back in 2005. (Although, it looks like my page was edited off their tutorial in 2006. Bummer. I quite liked the idea of being officially recognized by a college library as an example of speciousness!)