perfect for her

I wanted to be perfect for her. I suppose that was my first mistake. But all she did, it seemed like, was complain. Every complaint was like a slap in the face telling me that I was a failure at being perfect for her. Eventually I think i just gave up thinking that I could ever succeed. But the truth is that I had lost faith very early in the relationship. She left for a summer break and ended up not coming back, until eight months later. It was in those eight months that I lost hope that she was actually coming back and that she kept saying she was coming back that I lost faith that what she said was really what was going on. I stopped believing that she was speaking the truth, even if she believed what she was saying. So, when she finally came back eight months later, I didn’t heal from that loss of faith so that I could believe she was really there to be with me. That’s when I really failed her, because I failed to realize that I lost faith and needed to either heal that or we should have ended our relationship then. Everything after that point was just a rehearsal for the end, because I couldn’t believe that it was going to last no matter what she said or did.