A magickal divinatory mediterranean costume ritual potluck party

How could this not be fun?

For $5, one can participate in a magickal divinatory mediterranean costume ritual potluck party! Via the Portland OTO Sekhet-Ma’at Lodge Events Calendar:

“Join Cassandra, the Last Princess of Troy, on Saturday December 15th, 2007 ev at Sekhet-Maat Lodge for one last night of dancing, reveling, ritual, and divination before the Greeks invade her doomed city.

This is a tarot divination ritual, so come prepared with a question (of any nature—your divination question is private for you and you alone). Greek-style garb (togas and robes) are highly encouraged but not required.

There will be a potluck feast after the ritual, so please bring a dish to contribute. Greek or Mediterranean style cuisine is encouraged, but any dish you’d like to share is appropriate. There will be a cash bar for all your beverage needs.

All non-members are requested to make a contribution of $5.00, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.”

Although, I have to say that one should wear a chlamys or himation or something, but not really a toga, just saying …

One should do a google search on “himation” or “chlamys” or go to this page “How to wear the Greek chlamys” … and for a female option check out “chiton” and “peplos” or “How to Convert a Sheet into a Classical Greek Chiton” or “Greek Dress“.

Last Night in Troy - a divination ritual