More about Portland Cello Project on Dec 5th and 6th

Via e-mail today from the Portland Cello Project, I heard some more about the shows this week at the Holocene:

“We’ll be playing this show accompanying our friends 3 Leg Torso, who play wild, Eastern European folk music — accordion and fiddle. The rehearsal with 3LT last night was hands-down our most fun rehearsal ever. Also, we’ll be playing with Horse Feathers, who are haunting, local songwriters. I’ve never enjoyed writing string arrangements than I have these Horse Feathers songs. We’ll be premiering a new piece by Gideon Freudmann, written for the group, alongside a Bach Sonata, Manuel De Falla’s Danza Del Fuego, Britney Spears’ Toxic for cello septet, and some really unique music by Portland musicians Fall of Snow, Hide and Go Hustle, Jessyka Luzzi, and a whole lot more.

The Holocene will be decked out with some very unique decorations for the event, and beyond that, I recommend bringing a pillow to sit on, as last time we played there, people were packed in and sitting on the floor, which didn’t look very comfortable. Or you can come early and get a seat on one of the comfy couches, but there are only so many of those.”

I have to say this is starting to sound like it will be even better that the show at the Aladdin, and that’s saying something.

Looks like there’s still some confusion about the ticket price. The posters say $7 but the website says $8 … and when I got my ticket at Jackpot Records I paid $9. Well, that’s okay. At least I didn’t have to pay in live chickens. But, really, these shows seem like they’d be a bargain at double the price … even though, you know, I’m glad to not have to pay double!

Yeah, so I did finally find Jackpot Records. Really, I found them by accident as I passed by heading somewhere else. They are just 1 block east of Powell’s on Burnside, in the same block as Peacock Thai and Rocco’s Pizza and the rest.