New words

I realized a funny thing today when I heard a new term.

In a conversation, I heard someone say “Man Door” and had to stop and ask what that was. It seems simple enough, but I found my brain hearing this phrase and wondering, “Is that one word or two? In what language is that?”

So, because I’ve done some travel and have little tiny bits of other languages in my brain, I had a hard time recognizing the simple english words in the term “Man Door” … I mean, it starts out kind of German sounding and ends sounding French … my brain spun around a couple of times on it trying to figure out if I knew what language it was from and what the translation of it was.

So, yeah, it’s just a term for a door, typically in a garage, through which a person goes in and out. I can see how if one is working around shops and garages that the term “shop door” or “garage door” could become really ambiguous, so the term “man door” would help one be more precise about exactly which of the many doors one was talking about.