she always picked so many projects that I could never figure out how to help her. I would help her try to do something, but she would not want my help on that and do something else instead. she hated having my help. except when she whined about me not helping.

she was constantly jealous of me. if I was walking in front of her, she would slow down and then get pissed that I was in front. If we were riding bikes and I fell behind I’d speed up to catch her, but then she’d slow down and I’d end up in front so she could complain. But, if she was in front, I would be the one that had to catch up. If I was behind, she wouldn’t notice or seem to care.

She was jealous that I was close to the pagan community, but she wouldn’t take any classes. Now she’s close to the community, and she doesn’t care if she takes up all the space. She’s afraid to step up, but when she’s up she doesn’t think to step back.