Debating Zombies

“… the Minister of Industry clearly does not understand the issue of copyright because he has refused to meet with key Canadian stakeholders. He shut the door to universities and educators. He has ignored the advice of senior government bureaucrats and he has completely shut the door to consumer groups, artists and software innovators.” [via, et]

“For more than a century, Hermetic ideas have been filtered down for the American public as New Thought, Prosperity Consciousness, New Age—and most recently as The Secret. The Secret has re-introduced Hermeticism into mainstream consciousness on a large scale, but this publication merely scratches the surface of a tradition and knowledge that requires no small amount of discipline, experience and rigor to comprehend its truths.” [via]

This would make a great t-shirt: “It’s one minute to Christmas, suckers!” Maybe with an image of Saturn eating his children too?

“But he is not alone. Mutant victims of the plague — The Infected — lurk in the shadows… watching Neville’s every move… waiting for him to make a fatal mistake.” [also]

“A failure cascade is about how people react when they hit the valleys rather than the peaks.” [via] One lesson I remember about intentional community is that groups that require some kind of investment or sacrifice from members tend to weather bad times better, so a group without any sense of investment is already in danger before danger approaches. In this sense, what a volunteer gets is the reflected glow of the good work of the group for which they volunteer, so when that’s gone there’s no sense of compensation if success is the only measure of value.

“Rock out with these ten Wizard Rock bands about media consolidation in the Wizarding World and then join us in fighting a recent push for media consolidation in our world!
Rock Against Voldemedia