Power down upgrade woes

Figures that Murphy was on duty today.

As I went to upgrade my installation of wordpress tonight, it seemed like everything that could go wrong did.

First off, the satellite link was over the “fair use” limit, so it was slower than dial-up speeds, which makes doing anything excruciating and frustrating. Then, there was some strange configuration error, which turned out to be in my website’s root htaccess. The database server at my hosting service was being wonky because it had “too many connections”. I managed to run the upgrade.php tool, which meant that I couldn’t easily put the old code into place when the new code was still having problems.

And, then … in the midst of all of this, the freakin’ power went out to the house, and some large portion of the hill!

So, my upgrade woes were interrupted by an involuntary break, in which I played Zombie Fluxx by candlelight with one of my brothers. Then, there was time after the game was over to talk about how we might design a theoretical “Vampire Fluxx” before the power was restored.