Ancient Greek music on Jan 23rd at Marylhurst

Oh, wow. I had this forwarded to me. This looks like it will sound amazingly cool. I’m really going to try to get to this event:

“Gayle and Philip Neuman, the ensemble De Organographia, will be performing an ancient Greek music concert at St Anne Chapel at Marylhurst University on Highway 43, just south of Lake Oswego on Wednesday, January 23, at 12:30pm.

They will perform a selection of the 61 surviving notated ancient Greek pieces, on lyre, kithara, salpinx, trichordon, aulos, psithyra, kroupezon, syrinx monokalamos, tympanon, and voice. The Neumans have performed this repertoire at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Oberlin Conservatory, Amman Conservatory in Jordan, the Bodrum Museum in Turkey, The Getty Center, and Rice University. They will perform at the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu on March 15 and 16. Excerpts of their recordings “Music of the Ancient Greeks” and “Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks” have appeared in the Norton Scores Recorded History of Western Music Anthologies.

The repertoire of the concert will include a choral ode from Euripides’s “Orestes” (408 BC), “Hymn to the Sun” and “Invocation of Calliope and Apollo” by Mesomedes (2nd c. AD), 2 instrumental pieces from Contrapollinopolis (2nd c. AD), the Delphic Paean and Processional by Limenius (127 BC), the famous “Song of Seikilos” (1st. c AD) and many others.

The concert is open to the public and will last one hour.”

I did a quick search and there’s a faculty info page about Phil Neuman and a listing of the group De Organographia at the Early Music Guild of Oregon site.