A diamond dog in an old fashioned sidecar drinking a martini

A great time was had by all … as they say.

I’d never been to the Doug Fir before. I realize now, of course, that I’ve passed by it many times. Parking around there was not impossible, but I did have to circle a bit before I found a pretty good spot.

I started the night off with a bombay sapphire gin martini, dirty. Then, I was hoping for a little nostalgia with a shot of patron and a newcastle chaser, but they didn’t have newcastle. So, I had an old fashioned instead.

I had a conversation about music and the tech industry with a gentleman that used to work for Handspring and then Palm. Then, some friends I was meeting there showed up. You know, when I was little everyone in the pacific northwest talked about the weather. I remember being amused that in DC people talked about politics like people in the pacific northwest talked about the weather. Now, it seems everyone talks about technology. Although, I do remember the point at which I realized that Harry Potter was a phenomenon: when I was on a bus commute and a spontaneous conversation about the books erupted between three people from completely different generations. When a teen, adult and senior excitedly talk to each other, either the world is ending or it’s about Harry Potter.

Anyhow, there were people there: a couple I knew, and the rest I didn’t. We didn’t talk about Harry Potter.

Yes, now it was time to order a sidecar. It may have not been obvious to anyone else there, but I recognized what others did not.

The first artist was Johanna Kunin. I’m not sure how to describe her except to say that I thought of “folk bjork”. I’m importing the three CDs of hers that were at the show right now. It would have been better if people had not been talking so loud while she was playing.

Next up was Matt Sheehy. He had the look of an irish musician in his brown vest, but the music was not that. He had a pretty good sound and I think his banter would have been amusing if I had been able to hear it over the people talking loudly.

And then, it was Loch Lomond. People actually stopped talking when they came on stage, which was a nice change. Only when Ritchie mentioned his new bat tattoo, the woman next to me proceeded to ask loudly, over and over again, “Did he say like batman? LIKE BATMAN?! Did he say like BATMAN?!” Other than that …

I do enjoy the music of Loch Lomond on CD, and in general I often times prefer to be able to hear lyrics and subtle elements of music when I listen at home that I can’t always hear live. However, without a doubt, as good as the music is on CD, Loch Lomond is that much better live. The variation of intensity in the music and the singing is something that just must be experienced in person. The sound of Loch Lomond live is a physical force that caresses you with moments of tentative exploration and others of rough love.

Some old songs, some new songs; it was great to see this band again. It was also really great to be able to introduce friends to the music this time too. I think I missed the sound of the cello a bit, but it’s also interesting how the sound changes each time I get to see a show. I still find myself a little fascinated by how Pia’s speaking voice is deeply luscious, but you’d never know it from the vocals on stage, which are still beautiful in a different way.

After the show, the night was still too young to go to bed, so we headed to Crush. My friends introduced me to the Diamond Dog, which was good but not as good as the sidecar I’d had previously. That is, unless by good you mean strong, in which case I can say the Diamond Dog snuck up on me like an ambush in a fruit orchard. Other than that, dancing was done for the rest of the night, until the wee hours.

I stumbled in around 3:30am back home. Actually, I don’t know what time it was, but I think I remember the clock saying 3:30am, but definitely after 3am anyway.

I’m not anywhere near as sore as I was after New Years, but this morning I definitely had reminders in my body and my brain that I had been out all night. I still feel a bit woozy. I was going to head to ecstatic dance this morning, but I’ve missed that already; so, it’s on to other things. I find that I’m really hungry, but there’s nothing good to eat here. I bet Old Wives is really busy this morning …

Maybe I’ll do it again on the 24th when Three Leg Torso is playing … but I think this time I’ll stop drinking after the sidecar.