Taciturn, adj. silent, uncommunicative, withdrawn, tight-lipped.

I recently used a word in a conversation that I can’t find in any dictionary. The word I’ve used, and have heard before, is “Tacturn” … but, the only evidence of this word I’m finding is “Taciturn” which doesn’t sound anything like “Tacturn” unless you say your Latin with hard C’s, which, you know, I tend to prefer anyway.

Is this like “Wheelbarrow”? You see, for the longest time, I thought the word was “Wheelbarrel” as a kid, and eventually found out that I was using a word that didn’t exist in the dictionary.

It’s kind of a trip to find out that a word I thought I knew and was familiar with is, in fact, not a real word, but is rather just a common misspelling.