Horrified and turned on by normal and happy teeth

Tonight I was invited by a friend I met several years ago at a Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitator Training to go see a show. She’s a great artist that seems involved in a lot of things as well as being a person who is surprisingly well educated. So, you know, it was cool to catch a show she recommended.

The show was part of Reed’s Arts Week and was a work by a local Portland troupe tEEth [also,also]. They presented a work called “Normal and Happy“. You can see some video and pictures of a performance online.

I was horrified. Then, I was turned on. Then, I was horrified that I was turned on. Then, I was turned on that I was horrified.


It was a complete journey with dance, visual and music elements combined to make a wild show. I kept trying to describe the show to myself as I was watching and ended up by the end with: Clive Barker’s THX Erotic Butoh Gothic Stomp Baraka: A Space Altered States Odyssey.