Oyá: Call the Storm at Miracle Mainstage from Apr 4th through Apr 26th

I saw a poster for this and thought how cool it sounded:

Oyá: Call the Storm
April 4-26, 2008
An original dance theatre production conceived and directed by Rebecca Martinez, choreographed by Freila Merencio Blanco, and musical direction by Isidro Valor Pérez.”

And, the description of the story is even better:

“Oyá is a feminine warrior orisha of the Afro-Cuban Yoruba tradition. Like the wind that she commands, Oyá is always changing, always moving, with the power to conjure storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. She is also guardian of the cemeteries, where the underworld orisha Ikú, discouraged by pervasive human corruption, has challenged Oyá to destroy the world. But just as Oyá calls upon her destructive forces of nature, she witnesses humanity in its fullness. Told through heartfelt rhythms of Yoruba influence, the story of Oyá and Ikú unfolds through folkloric Afro-Cuban dance and song that form a colorful language of movement to reach across geographic and linguistic boundaries.”

The show is bilingual, in English and Spanish. And, there’s even a study guide on the site for this show. Cool story and it’s even educational …