Portland Cello Project at Aladdin on Apr 11th at 8pm

Via The Portland Cello Project website:

Announcing a show at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon on April 11, featuring the Portland Cello Project accompanying Stephanie Schneiderman (Dirty Martini), AM 970’s Rick Emerson, Weinland, and The Builders and The Butchers.

Tickets on Sale Now!

This venue has seats throughout!! Except for the area about 15 feet in front of the stage (for those who want to dance). The show will be all-ages.

Dancing? Did someone say dancing?

Also in the program will be two new pieces by Heather Woods Broderick (Horse Feathers) arranged for the group; an all-cello version of the Elgar Cello Concerto, with Sonja Myklebust as soloist; an 11 cello arrangement of Bach’s Chaconne (originally for solo violin); a piece by Australian singer/songwriter Paul Turner; a piece by The Magick Daggers, and much, much more. (Like, quite possibly Copa Cabana, if Doug can get his ass in gear and arranges it in time.)

Tickets on Sale Now! $10 advance, $12 at the door. All ages. General admission, but with seats.

It’s an all ages show at a great venue. It did sell out last time, with people turned away at the door; so, think about getting tickets early.

And, check out the new site design of the PCP website!

And, moreover, check out the new “I (heart) PCP!” tees to tickle your funny bone and maybe get you detained at the airport … or both! (Apparently, only 50 of the awesome “green mammoth” tees were made, which is a sad thing for you because they’re almost sold out; but, cool for me because I’ve got one.)