Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo at Wonder Ballroom on Jul 21st at 7pm


There’s something wild in the wind. Harry and the Potters will be touring again this summer, but it’s going to be a kind of traveling DIY vaudeville, created new and unique at each venue through reciprocity between the bands and local creatives:

“For Harry and the Potters, this is our first tour where the bulk of venues that we’ll be playing are rock clubs rather than libraries. There was something really special about performing in libraries, but we’re hoping this summer, that we can create something equally special by performing in these more normal show spaces.

At this point in our career, we’ve played over 450 shows and we’ve come to realize that a show can only be as awesome and amazing as the audience will allow. So when we conceived this idea of Unlimited Enthusiasm, we thought that we should include the audience in the planning of the actual events!”


“We’re talking about a DIY summer camp, complete with songs about being a wizard! Giant monsters! Cool big videos! Rock and roll aerobics! Inflatable monkeys! Dancing sock puppets! Going bananas! Circus tents! Jumping! Yelling! More jumping!”

And, they’ll be in Portland at the Wonder Ballroom again, for only $12 bucks:

“07/21/08 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: $12. Age restrictions: All Ages. Buy tickets. Address: 128 NE Russell. With special guests, Jason Anderson and the Best!”

And, tickets are already available, but for the love of all that’s holy you should buy your tickets from the ticket box at the Wonder Ballroom not from evil ticket monopolies. For the creatives, you can volunteer to help make things happen, too!