The Rocky Horror Show in Olympia opens June 5th

Harlequin Productions is putting on The Rocky Horror Show which opens on June 5th.

This is not the movie. This is the stage production. If I were in Olympia still, even crazed weasels attacking could not keep me away from this. I had the joy of seeing a live production of The Rocky Horror Show in Seattle by the Empty Space back in the day, could it have been in the late 80’s? It was unimaginably good. The movie has a place in history, but the stage version I saw has a place in my heart.

Go see this. Let nothing stand in the way of going. And, I’ll hope for you that it’s even half as good as the version I saw so long ago.

The Rocky Horror Show
by Richard O’Brien
June 5 – July 6, 2008
Tickets $34 – $38
Rush Tickets $12 – $20 available at the ticket office 1/2 hour before curtain.

Sponsored by 94.5 ROXY

Rocky marks Harlequin’s 100th Production! Celebrate with us!

Forget the movie. This is live and not to be missed! On a dark and stormy night, a couple of newly-engaged squares get a flat. (How ‘bout that?) They seek assistance at the castle of a strange host who is more than willing to help in every way he can. But first, there’s a party in progress, and you’re invited! Tighten your corset and loosen your libido. This castle is rockin’! Let’s do the Time Warp again!
The Rocky Horror show contains adult language and sexual situations.