Evolutionary Jass Band


Last night, I got to see a show at Valentine’s. You could have gone, but didn’t. (Unless you did, in which case I saw you there.)

The Evolutionary Jass Band [also] played two sets.

They played some interesting and good music described by Community Library:

“Early EJB music (the band then going as The Steele Street Revolutionary Jass Band) revolved around crescendoes of modal, looping riffs, recalling Ethiopian jazz-funk as well as the ecstatic vibe of 1970s afrocentric jazz visionaries like Sunny Murray. Now, the band has incorporated even more stylistic map-points, allowing them to manipulate a highly charged jazz language with confidence and ease. Combining their aforementioned influences with bebop compositional balance, Jarmuschian cinematic moodiness, torch song, New Orleans proto-jazz, and American band music, the band is quickly forging a powerful, brave, and singular musical voice.”

And, I got to evangelize about absinthe, so a good time was had by all.